Bruxism Or Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is a disorder where you grind, grate or tighten your teeth. Those with bruxism might instinctively be tightening their teeth together during the daytime or at night, constantly grind them. The Latter condition is known as sleep bruxism

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can occur in a mild form where no treatment is necessary. Nevertheless, it could be constant and serious enough that the individual can suffer from jaw problems, headaches, teeth can be harmed and other serious issues. A person may have sleep bruxism and not even be alert to the fact until difficulties start to occur. This is why it is crucial to know what the symptoms of teeth grinding are and request some assistance from your dentist.

Symptoms Of Teeth Grinding

Symptoms and indicators that you may be suffering from Teeth Grinding are:

Waking up your sleeping spouse due to teeth grinding and clenching that is often quite loud.

When you notice that your teeth are wearing down or chipped, flattened or broken.

The enamel on your teeth is worn and opens deepened layers of your teeth / tooth.

Your teeth become more sensitive

Your jaw becomes tight and you begin to experience pain.

Your jaw muscles become larger

You start to suffer from earaches due to serious jaw muscles contractions and not something to do with your ear itself.

You get headaches often.

You are feeling continuous pain in your face.

There is raw, chewed skin on the inside surface of your cheek.

You see grooves on the surface of your tongue.

When You Should See Your Dentist

Consult With Your Dental Professional If:

Teeth become worn down, damage occurs or they become sensitive.

If you begin experiencing pain in your face, ear or jaw.

When other people begin to get annoyed by the grinding sounds you make while sleeping.

If it catches your attention that your child is grinding hers or his teeth, or they begin to display other indications or symptoms of teeth grinding, certainly bring this to the attention of your dentist and discuss treatment options with them at their next visit.

Causes Of Teeth Grinding

Medical or Dental professionals do not entirely understand what the reasons are for teeth grinding bruxism. Some potential physical or emotional reasons for it could include:

Anxiousness, stress or nervousness;

Concealed rage, anger or annoyance;

belligerent, spirited or restless kinds of character;

An irregular positioning of upper and lower teeth known as "malocclusion";

Modifications that happen during sleep patterns or disturbed circadian rhythm;

The response from discomfort or pain due to earache or teething [usually in kids];

Age progression and maturing of the jaws and teeth [usually in kids];

Difficulties arising from some physiological disorder like Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, Crohns disease, etc.

An adverse reaction from a particular psychiatric pharmaceutical, including but not limited to antidepressants;

Complications Developing From Teeth Grinding

In the majority of teeth grinding conditions, there are no serious consequences. However, in more serious cases of teeth grinding the following may happen:

You could damage your teeth and this also means your crowns and other restorative dental work.

You could experience severe tension like headaches.

There can be ongoing facial pain or discomfort.

A temporomandibular disorder this can occur in the temporomandibular joint and is more commonly known as the TMJ. There are two of these; one on each side that work in harmony with one another. This TMJ can be found directly in front of your ears and you can feel it when you open and close your mouth.

Teeth grinding or bruxism when not serious, is more of an annoyance for those around you but it can worsen and cause discomfort. Speak to your dentist when you become aware of this and they will provide you with some relief. This is usually in the form of a mouth guard fitted over your teeth to prevent grinding and it is custom formed and fitted for the patient and it is worn while sleeping.

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