Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

This section will address some of the more common questions you may have about King Street Dental and the various Cosmetic Dentistry procedures available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

When selecting a dentist, you may have specific questions regarding the procedures. This section will address some of the more common questions you may have about King Street Dental and the various Cosmetic Dentistry procedures available.

1) How do you select the right dentist for a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

It is very important to choose a qualified professional for your cosmetic dental procedure in order to avoid a disappointing result. You will want to select a qualified dentist with a formal education in dentistry and proper credentials. Your dentist should regularly upgrade and continue their education to keep abreast of any new technology and procedures available. Finally, you want someone with a proven track record who has experience performing the procedure you are considering. At King Street Dental, our dental professionals are well educated, trained, and experienced with a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, and have the proper credentials so you will feel confident that you will receive the very best of care.

2) How do you choose the correct shade of color for veneers, caps, crowns, bridges or implants?

To make the dental procedure appear natural, your dentist will match the color of the veneer to your normal tooth enamel. You should first have your teeth whitened to their brightest state, and this is the color that your dentist will match. Teeth are made of several different tones of whiteness, so usually the dentist will use more than one color to blend the tone to match your enamel. This blending of colors will create a veneer, cap, crown, bridge, or implant that is not artificial in appearance. By using several different tones, the artificial teeth will appear natural and vital. At King Street Dental, our professionals are experienced with cosmetic dental procedures that match your natural tooth color.

3) Why do teeth become yellowed and discolored over time?

As you age, your teeth can become discolored when stained from consuming certain foods and beverages, and from chemicals such as tobacco. When your teeth appear dull in color and stained, you should consider a tooth whitening procedure. Those who smoke or drink coffee or tea frequently will require regular cleaning and more are inclined to need occasional tooth whitening to keep their smile bright and their teeth looking their best. Tooth whitening is a relatively low cost procedure that is available at King Street Dental. When you visit the dentist on a regular basis, the dental hygienist will clean your teeth in areas that are difficult to reach, such as in between and on the back surfaces of your teeth. They will use special cleaning tools and gently remove plaque and tartar build up. This process is typically followed with a tooth polishing to smooth and clean the tooth surface. Tooth whitening is performed to enhance your natural tooth color and brighten your smile.

4) What is Bonding and how is it used?

When teeth are decayed, broken or chipped, bonding may be required to repair the tooth and maintain a proper bite. Bonding uses a special resin that is matched to your natural tooth color and then adhered to the tooth surface and formed into the proper shape. Once it hardens, it is polished to match your other teeth. Bonding can also fill in the small cavities, minimize gaps between teeth, or cover tooth surfaces where the gums have receded. It can also be used to cover an entire tooth that is discolored.

5) What procedure is recommended for missing teeth?

When teeth are missing, the space should be filled with a bridge or dental implant so the other teeth do not shift to fill in the gap and create a bite that is misaligned. With a bridge, the remaining adjacent teeth are also supported. At King Street Dental, our professionals are experienced with bridges and implants so you can smile confidently.

6) How are jagged, uneven or chipped teeth repaired?

At times, the front teeth can be reshaped to create a significant improvement in their natural appearance. This procedure can be done in the chair of the cosmetic dentist without any anesthetic by using a sanding disc.

7) How can a weak biting surface be improved?

When the teeth are weak, a crown can be used to surround and strengthen the tooth. The biting surface is improved and the natural tooth is preserved. The crown is matched to your tooth color so it appears natural. The enamel of the tooth is removed and replaced with a crown that is sturdy and secure. The professionals at King Street Dental can recommend the right procedure to correct your weak bite.

8) How are Porcelain and Ceramic Inlays used?

Inlays are used to repair and strengthen teeth. Inlays made of porcelain are long lasting and durable and bind to the existing tooth to provide additional reinforcement. Inlays made of strong, industrial ceramics are used to repair the back teeth when they have become damaged. They are held in place with special dental adhesive that glues the parts of the damaged tooth together. Inlays may be more expensive than other tooth filling procedures, but they are stronger, last longer, and are barely noticeable and appear to be part of the natural tooth. The professionals at King Street Dental can discuss the best treatment alternatives to restore your natural smile.

9) What is an Orthodontist, and how are they different from a regular dentist?

Orthodontists are specially trained to align the teeth so the mouth will function and close properly. An orthodontist will position the teeth, jaw, or facial profile to accomplish the needed result. To become an orthodontist, a dentist must complete an additional two to three years of study at an ADA approved, university level orthodontic program.

10) When are Porcelain Laminate Veneers required?

When bonding is not recommended due to the multiple demands of cosmetic dentistry, then porcelain laminate veneers are used, and can change an entire smile. The shape, color, size, and arrangement of teeth can be changed with porcelain laminate veneers. These veneers can be used instead of other orthodontic procedures, and can be applied in two visits to the dentist. The procedure is fast, does not create pain, and the results are dramatic.

11) What are Porcelain Jackets and when are they used?

When the structure of the tooth is damaged beyond repair, or laminates are not strong enough for the chewing action, then porcelain jackets will create a more durable and extensive repair to the teeth. Porcelain jackets are crowns that are placed over the entire tooth to protect and preserve the natural tooth. If the teeth are loose due to periodontal disease, or other teeth are missing and need to be replaced, or biting pressure is too strong for regular porcelain jackets, then a metal alloy must first be applied under the porcelain to strengthen the tooth. Because a metal alloy is used in addition to the porcelain, more of the natural tooth must be filed down to make room for the crown. After taking a tooth impression, the metal is fused to the tooth surface and then covered with porcelain. These crowns lack the translucency of pure Porcelain Crowns due to the metal alloy component.

When the back teeth are damaged, but still have healthy structure, then porcelain is fused to gold inlays to provide strength and endurance. The gold is able to support the tooth when biting firmly, and also protect the nerve and tooth.

The staff at King Street Dental are knowledgeable, experienced professionals to answer all of your cosmetic dental questions.

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