Full Or Partial Dentures

Full Or Partial Dentures

Dentures, more commonly referred to as false teeth, are substitutes for lost teeth and they can be removed and placed back into your mouth at will. Dentures do take some adjustment time until you feel comfortable and they will never feel like your original set of natural teeth. But, the good news is that today's achievements in dentistry mean your dentures will be very innate in appearance and extremely comfortable.

Two primary kinds of dentures are available: full and partial. Your dental professional will assist you in determining the right option that works for your particular situation; based on the number of teeth being replaced and the expense involved.

How Do Dentures Function?

When wearing a full set of dentures, a flesh tone acrylic base is fitted over your gums. The foundation of the upper denture envelops the palate [this is the roof of your mouth], at the same time your lower denture is formed to fit like a horseshow shape that leaves enough space to contain your tongue.

Dentures are customized for your mouth in a dental laboratory after impressions are made inside of your oral cavity. Your dentist decides on the best option of the three varieties of dentures listed below.

Conventional Full Denture

A conventional full denture is set into your mouth subsequent to all residual teeth being removed allowing enough time for the tissue to heal. This healing process could take as long as a couple months depending on the individual and oral physiology. For the duration of this period you will not have any teeth.

Immediate Full Denture

The immediate full denture is placed immediately after all residual teeth have been removed. Your dentist will already have taken the dimensions of your jaw and made a model at a previous appointment. Although immediate dentures provide the benefit of not going without teeth, they need to be realigned and adjusted a few months after being put in place. This is due to the bone that supports the teeth begins to reshape itself as the healing process takes place and the dentures loosen.

Partial Denture

In this procedure a metal frame is attached to your existing innate teeth and the partial denture is set on this. Occasionally crowns are placed on top of some of your innate teeth to act as anchors for the denture itself. Partial dentures are a detachable option to bridges.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get Used To My New Dentures?

When you have new dentures they can feel discomfited or even slightly painful for the first few weeks or sometimes months, depending on the individual. Talking and consuming food will take some getting used to but practice will ease the adjustment. Experiencing a loose or hulking feeling within your oral cavity is not out of the ordinary and your cheek muscles and tongue will work in unison to aid in holding your dentures in place. You will have excessive saliva streams and a sensation that your tongue is lacking space. You will most likely have some inconsequential pain or tenderness as this is not unusual. If you feel ongoing irritation you should speak to your dentist and they will be happy to help you.

How Long Will My New Dentures Last?

As time passes your new dentures will need to be realigned or rebased and even remade at some point just through normal wear and tear. Rebasing your dentures simply means making a new foundation and retaining the original denture teeth. In addition, as you grow older, your mouth will undergo change. These transformations cause a loosening of the dentures and chewing becomes more complicated and your gums become irritated. You should arrange to see your dentist annually at the least for an examination.

What Follows Are Some Care Tips For Your Dentures:

When you are handling your dentures outside of your mouth, be sure to place a folded towel out and hold the dentures over it or do this over a washbasin of water.

Never let your dentures dry out. Store them in a solution of denture cleaning solution or just ordinary water when they are out of your mouth. Do not use hot water since this could cause warping.

Be sure you brush your dentures each day to remove excess food particles and plaque and do what you can to avoid staining them. There are ultrasonic devices available to care for your new dentures but thus far, nothing helps more than brushing.

Be sure to brush your gums, tongue and roof palate each morning using a soft toothbrush prior to placing your dentures in your mouth. This kindles the circulation in your tissues and aids in plaque dispersal.

If you break your dentures, chip them, crack them or if they loosen, see your dentist straightaway. Avoid any attempt to make adjustment on your own as they could become irreparably damaged.

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