Porcelain Dental Crowns

As we advance in years, often we realize our teeth are no longer as formidable as they once were. Through the years, procedures like root canals, losing fillings, general decay, and cracking or chipped teeth can have a defective impact on the surface of our teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

If you have a secure root system but the surface of the teeth is imperfect, crowns may be your best option. As our teeth wear down, dental crowns conceal the whole visible exterior of the teeth affected, adding might, sturdiness and stability to your bite. The dental professional makes an impression of the tooth for the dental lab so they can produce a well fitted crown. Normally you are fitted with a temporary crown as the dental laboratory makes the permanent addition.

When completed, the permanent crown will be cemented to your tooth, as a rule over the course of two appointments. Occasionally you may need some corrective work done to the tooth for stability before the new crown can be fitted. The completed crown process will usually endure for ten or perhaps fifteen years.

Prior to the time when bonding procedures where available, dental crown almost always were constructed using a metal underpinning. At present, we are able to construct them from pure porcelain or another type of ceramic material. Periodically, the rear teeth might require the structural integrity afforded by a metal base, making this the best choice. However, when you smile it is much more desirable to have that natural look.

Different Types Of Porcelain Crowns

The Cerec Crown: This variety is simply a variant of the all porcelain kind. It is constructed from total ceramic. Interestingly, instead of being produced in a dental lab by a tech, this model is computer designed and crafted right in the dentist's office. They suffer from certain aesthetic confines based on the talent of the dental professional.

Empress Crowns: These are also based on the all porcelain crown variety utilizing the Empress pressed ceramic product. Further ceramic products include Procera, In-Ceram, zirconia, and feldspathic porcelain. Experienced dental specialists will be aware of each of these varieties of porcelain dental products and will understand what the correct choice for every scenario is.

Each of these options has benefits and disadvantages. It is strongly recommended the patient not direct their dentist into choosing a material the dental professional has advised against.

Porcelain Merged To Metal Crowns: These have an innate look to them but based on a couple of caveats. Since they have a metal underlay, they necessitate the utilization of what is called an opaquer to hide the metal. This then means it will be unattainable to reproduce the translucent appearance of the natural teeth. Over time, a shadow like line will appear along the edge near the gum line. The dentist will attempt to conceal the stripe beneath the gum, though sometimes they will be incapable of doing this. Occasionally the stripe will not be visible during the initial crown placement but it will show up later as the gum recedes. The dentist could attempt what is known as a porcelain butt margin that could also diminish the dark narrow stripe, though it will not eradicate it. The good news is these crowns are far sturdier than all porcelain varieties.

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