Teeth Whitening Or Bleaching

There are a number of procedures the dentist can use to enhance the radiance of your smile. These would include chemical brightening, gentle acid whitening, abrasion teeth whitening and the latest procedure known as laser teeth whitening. Whichever method you choose, your smile will shine brightly and your confidence will be renewed.

Teeth Whitening

Patients who would like to have a whiter and more radiant smile can opt to have their teeth whitened. Whitening teeth is primarily done as a way to diminish staining and discolouration, though many people just want to have a better smile and a feeling of confidence.

The enamel on your teeth can become darker and yellowed due to aging, chemical damage. Staining and tooth discolouration also occurs for more general reasons such as when using certain medications or from tobacco use and coffee or tea consumption. When people are drinking considerable quantities of cola beverages, staining can be a common issue.

Staining is not the only reason why people have problems with their teeth color. Genetics can have a part to play in teeth discolouration. Some folks just have innately more vivid enamel than others. If a person suffers from disease, or requires medication to treat an illness, enamel can be affected. If you are aware of a medical issue that is causing discolouration of your smile, be sure to discuss this with one of our dental professionals.

Teeth Bleaching

Bleaching one's teeth is a procedure where a chemical is utilized to brighten the hue of patients' teeth. This process takes place in the dental professional's office or it can be completed in the comfort of your home with resources supplied by your dentist. Patients often opt for the home method in order to save a treatment visit to the dental office.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Several types of teeth brightening options are available, each with advantages and disadvantages. They all restore your teeth colour by eliminating yellowing or brown staining. The results are going to be relative to the commitment you put into the process and your ultimate goal. Discuss all your options with your dental professional in advance and let them make a recommendation for your best option.

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening [In-Office]

This process uses a particular type of light and a brightening gel and is performed in the dentist's office. Often the patient will continue at home bleaching to follow up if required.

A transparent bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and the unique light is then aimed at the teeth, triggering the gel crystals to take in the light energy which infiltrates the enamel of the teeth and augments the whitening process. The technique as a rule takes About two hours but varies based on the level of discolouration.

Benefits: The procedure can be completed in only one appointment.

Disadvantages: Your new brilliant smile will almost certainly draw attention from those nearby straightaway.

Laser Bleaching [In-Office]

This whitening procedure is completed in the dentist's office utilizing a special gel and a laser.

A clear whitening gel is placed on the teeth then the laser light is shone on them to trigger a reaction in the crystals as they absorb the light energy as it passes into the enamel enhancing the affect upon your smile. The duration of this procedure is dependent upon the level of discolouration of the patient's teeth.

Benefits: It generally will only require one visit for a newly restored smile.

Disadvantages: Once again those around you will immediately notice the difference. This is also one of the more expensive methods of brightening but the results are well worth the additional cost. It is also the fastest of the whitening methods.

Custom Fit Tray Bleaching [In-Home]

Prior to using the home teeth brightening procedure, the dentist will produce a one of a kind mouth tray for every patient. This customized tray is vital to the success of the procedure. It guarantees the right quantity of brightening mixture is being used and the patient's teeth are correctly aligned for maximum exposure to the whitening solvent. Using a personalized mouth tray ensures that it will fit well rather than a one size for all variety that may compromise the patient's wellbeing.

Using the home teeth whitening kit is relatively uncomplicated. The dental staff supplies everything the patient requires along with instructions and they are available to answer any patient queries regarding the whitening regimen. The dental staff can also offer off site direction in case the patient has any questions during the process.

The at home method could take upwards of several hours or more, the entire time the tray remains in the mouth. The dentist could advise you to keep the tray in place overnight if the desired results require it. The at home teeth whitening regimen usually takes two or three weeks to complete and you will be back for an appointment to examine your progress.

Benefits: This method will gradually whiten your smile and this means it will be less likely people will notice the change. The price for the procedure is also relatively lower than the in office variety.

Disadvantages: The process usually needs more than one or two appointments with the dentist to complete it.

Store-Bought Whitening Strips (In-Home)

This is the most common method of teeth brightening available to the consumer. A brightening strip is applied about the upper and lower teeth and is kept in for a half hour to an hour once per day though this varies with brands. The process is very simple and the strips usually do not come loose. The procedure is not very expensive. You will find it difficult to talk while the strips are in place.

You could begin to see success in a few days, though it usually requires up to a week for the more rapid strips to work and perhaps as long as a month for the slower type. This regimen is occasionally utilized in combination with the laser bleaching process if discolouration is serious [such as dark gray or purple] or if the staining is internal.

Benefits: Your teeth can be brightened on your schedule, fast or slow it is up to you. Some products will brighten your smile in as little time as a week. The strips are normally in place for just a half hour per session and some are designed to dissolve. The technique is fairly inexpensive versus other procedures and this process is pretty good for touch up whitening.

Disadvantages: This technique might not be as effective or as potent as different procedures that your dental professional will utilize when you have them done in the dental clinic office.

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