Tooth Colored - Natural Looking Tooth Colored Fillings

One time or another during our lifetime, the majority of us will end up getting a cavity. Much of the time, having a cavity means your dental professional will eliminate the decay and repack the spot in the tooth that was cleaned out. So much progress has been achieved in dental services in the last few years and this is good news for anyone with a cavity that needs attention.

Tooth Colored Fillings

It would be worthwhile for that individual to educate themselves About the latest progress with dental fillings and what is now offered. For the most part, those of a certain age would have fillings made of amalgam [or silver] or earlier still gold filling repairs. Particular amalgam fillings were referred to as mercury fillings, due to some combination included mercury in the mix. These metal based fillings did a good job; unfortunately they were inclined to blacken in time and were rather unsightly.

In due time, fillings made from composite resin were produced as a suitable option to the commonly used metal variety. The dental fillings were made available in colors that looked natural and the dental resin fillings were actually made from plastic. They are quite durable and strong and they assist in giving the patient a smile that appeared natural. As with many procedures performed by our dental professionals, most dental plans insure their usage.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are essentially a resin substance that is "filled using certain inorganic materials. Using this compound means the composite filling will be more durable over time, the color can be modified and it is simpler to buff. Benefits of opting for a composite filling start with the fact they are innate in their appearance, often they make the tooth even sturdier and the way it is attached to the tooth usually means a superior seal.

The method of bonding is also practical since filling may be made even smaller than normal versus the silver amalgam filling due to silver requiring particular dimensions be satisfied to thwart any breakage or loosening. Disadvantages start with the composite filling will not maintain long term durability and the actual filling is more fragile than silver. Composite fillings also cost approximately twenty five percent more than an equal silver filling.

A composite filling also begins to dissolve gradually in time through a progression known as dissolution. This will occur regardless of the usage or natural treatment placed upon the filling. They also tend to become discoloured through time and take on a yellowish hue. Composite fillings might become pitted, getting pin holes in their exterior, causing some staining which will be permanent. Due to thermal expansion, composite fillings lose size comparable to the tooth host when continually exposed to hot and cold causing the bond to weaken and breakdown allowing liquids, bacteria and food to enter and decay to form.

Removal And Replacement Of Old Metal Fillings

When patients require a new filling the majority of them will opt for the tooth coloured composite fillings. Most patients prefer to have their older amalgam fillings taken out and replaced while they are at it. These patients are educated on the potential harm older amalgam fillings present and they also choose to rid themselves of the often unattractive silver fillings, trading them with composite tooth coloured fillings. It is a simple process and one that will improve your smile and your confidence.

Adverse Effects Related To Silver Amalgam Fillings

Much has been discussed in the media regarding silver amalgam fillings. They can be comprised of as much as fifty percent mercury, a chemical element that science has revealed to be more harmful than lead, cadmium and even arsenic. Since the potential exists for the mercury to seep out of the silver amalgam filling over time, there has been a lobby for mercury free dental procedures. Mercury from silver amalgam fillings is believed to escape from the filling and leech into the bodies organs gradually during our lifetime.

Many experts are of the belief that continued exposure to this mercury in our systems causes physiological and psychological harm to many patients. These problems have been traced back to neurodegenerative illnesses, birth defects and certain mental conditions. This debate still rages on but most patients simply decide to err on the side of caution and set about having these silver amalgam fillings simply removed. This eases any fears they may have and improves their smiles at the same time!

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